Flea Market Review

One of the best things about moving out of the city and upstate is checking out the new crop of flea markets.  Yesterday my friend and I drove about a half hour to Stormville for the Stormville Antique Show.  There was definitely a lot of swap meet-type vendors, but once we sifted through them, we got to the good stuff.  There was a good amount of antiques dealers, but not a whole lot of furniture.  In my scale of flea markets, I give it a 6.5.  I don't think it would be worth driving further than we did, but you could definitely find some treasures. 

It was a shame that neither of us brought home this brand-new vintage swim suit.

I did however bring home this silly cookie jar, which I decided was better suited as a planter.  I also picked up a few pieces of glassware for my collection, as well as the oars below for a wedding project.