Sconce Update

We are tackling the kitchen little by little and are probably about half done.  It's turned into quite the project, but is looking AMAZING!  One of the small victories for me this weekend was updating the sconces in the laundry area.  They were terrible!  I shopped around online and then thought that I could probably give the old eye-sores a quick makeover for a result that was practically free.  I had the paint, so I just needed the bulbs, and $6 later, I think it looks like a million bucks!

First I took off the shades, I actually had to break them off, carefully, inside a plastic bag, and gently taped them with a hammer.  Then I taped off the socket and put on a coat of black, matte spray paint.

Once that was dry, I covered the black portion with bags and the inner socket with tape and painted the outside of the socket with gold spray paint.

Then I rehung the sconce upside down and tada!  Amazing transformation to industrial charm!

Like I mentioned, I already had the paint, but I think even if I didn't the entire project would have cost me about $13.  What a transformation!