Update from Upstate (Budget Kitchen Makeover)

Almost two weeks in and phase one of the move, is just about over.  We've unpacked, found a home for most things, broken down the majority of boxes (though half of said boxes are still on the front porch, classy) and started to think about styling and art hanging.  

Now for phase two, the real projects.  There is a list including refinishing a thrifted dresser for a TV stand, freshening up the disgusting closets, changing out some light fixtures and figuring out what is under all the ceiling tiles (they are in every room, people!).  Then the biggie, a budget kitchen makeover.  We really don't want to spend much money, since we are just renting, but honestly, in this kitchen, I think a coat of paint and a hardware change would make the world of difference, but I'm me, so I'll be taking it up a level.  Below are my plans for this outdated, mismatched kitchen.  

I can't believe I haven't ripped that valance down yet, then burned it, but away from the house, cause that thing looks flammable.  We plan to paint the bottom cabinets, I was thinking white, but also considering black, since the appliances are black.  Then we are going to take down the upper cabinets in favor of some great open shelving to display my prized glassware collection.  

The back of the kitchen doubles as the laundry area, and there's not much we can't do about the awkward layout in a rental, so we'll make the best of it and try to spuce it up.  First things first, buy a washer and dryer.  I did not move out of New York City to have to drive my dirty clothes to the local laundromat!   Paint the cabinets above the laundry and change out the hardware.  Then the breakfast bar has those hideous shutter doors, so I want to creatively cover those, ideally so the storage is still useable, but there is enough cabinet space that it honestly wouldn't matter too much if we lost it.  I would explore the butcher block counter tops from Ikea, but at this point that is an afterthought.  

Stay tuned for inspiration photos coming at you soon.