10 Motivational Prints

I have noticed an trend, that I love, among offices out there on the internet, motivational prints.  And not the Barney Stinson, photo of an airplane, kind of motivational messaging, but pretty, girl power done tastefully kind of prints.  I am building a small gallery wall in my new office area, and am looking to add some affirmational reminders to my collection.  Here are a few of my favorites.  

1. can't stop / 2. won't stop / 3. work hard and be nice / 4. good things come to those who hustle / 5. create happiness / 6. let's do it / 7. don't stop, get it, get it / 8. hustle / 9. like a boss / 10. wake up and be awesome

Remember this post about affirmations?  I guess I just love people to try hard and feel good about themselves.