Goal Printable #1

Ever since I made the move to the new house, I seem to be juggling a lot.  From the major kitchen overhaul to the Etsy shop to this here blog, I have relied heavily on lists.  Lots and lots of lists.  I usually have several going on any given day, one for my weekly Home Depot trip, one for my list of work tasks, one for blog posts, you get the idea.  So, the very first item I hung on what-will eventually-be-an inspirational-gallery-wall in my new office is a clip board and on said clip board I will keep my list of goals for the month.  I thought it would be fun to make a pretty backdrop for my monster list to be written on.  And, I think it's pretty enough to share with you, so if you want to steal this idea, click here to download the template.  I plan to create a new one each month to share.