I went Skydiving!!

Sorry for all the personal posts this week, but I thought it only proper to share after checking something off my bucket list, jumping out of a plane!  Last weekend a couple friends and I drove out to Long Island, harnessed up, attached ourselves to a professional and hurled ourselves into the air from 10,000 feet above the ground.  It was awesome!  And, totally terrifying.  I really wasn't scared at all leading up to the adventure, I was only excited when we arrived at Lufker Airport, still smiling and giving the thumbs up as 516 Skydive strapped us in.  Happily waved as I boarded the plane, then we went up.  And up.  And up.  And the butterflies started fluttering.  Then the door opened and I was paralyzed with terror, but there was no where to go but out the door to free fall toward Earth.  As the photos below quite accurately portray, I was fear-stricken until the parachute opened.  Then, it was amazing to feel like a bird, soaring with the clouds, taking in the view of the Atlantic Coast for a few minutes before reconnecting the with the ground.  

Skydiving was a truly awesome experience, I 100% recommend it and I am so happy I got to check it off my bucket list, though I'm not sure it's an activity that I need to do more than once.