Update from Upstate #3

It's been a minute since I gave a quick update on the house.  It is coming a long nicely.  We've been working really really hard, and I'd say we're about 80% to where I want it to be.  Still a few lights to hang (but first, find and buy), art to choose and a lot of styling to do, but I am thrilled with how it's coming a long.  You can even see a teeny sneak preview of the kitchen overhaul in the first photo below, behind the flowers I stole from the tree in the Home Depot parking lot.  

Credit from the pretty NYC photo below comes from my friend Gloria from Little White Whale.  

Welcome to the family, my amazing new vintage side table from Charish.

and also welcome to the little gem I brought home from the Jonathan Adler sample sale.

and today I'm off to flea market until I drop at Brimfield (just like I did two years ago).  Hopefully there will be some more new additions after that.  Promise to give you updates.