DIY Leather Flag

Happy Monday.  Hope everyone had a great weekend and a stellar flag day.  Friday I was in love with American flags in the home, however, red, white and blue just aren't my colors, so Friday's post was a segue into my latest project, a leather American flag.  The idea of the flag, but fits into the color scheme of our house.  Remember last year, I made this DIY Tie-Dye flag, well, ever since then, I've had this project in my back pocket, and I've finally got around to completing it.  I am lucky enough to inherit lots of leather from my work, and normally I'm sewing them into all kinds of clothes, but this time, I went a different route and made a piece of art for my front hallway.  I love the juxtaposition of something traditional done in a completely new way and I think it fits great.  Plus, I finally added something masculine for my husband.