Simple Oversize Inspiration Board DIY

Last week in my "Update from Upstate" I shared a photo of the new inspiration board I installed in my studio.  It's 3' x 5' and both magnetic and a chalk board surface!  I thought about doing the entire wall, but this seemed more fun, plus it's easy to remove and I still get to keep the room mostly light, airy and white.  Below I explain the super duper simple DIY steps to create your own.


  1. get the board cut
  2. sand
  3. paint board with magnetic primer (be sure to stir really well, as there are flecks of metal that make the paint magnetic).  Apply three light coats.
  4. paint board with chalk board paint.  I did two coats
  5.  screw into the wall 
  6. make a boarder with duck tape
  7. Get inspired!