Budget Kitchen Makeover (DIY paneled peninsula)

The last kitchen project I'm going to share, is the paneled doors I swapped out on the peninsula.  We don't really use the peninsula as a breakfast bar, which I thought we would we we first moved it, but it is functional storage, as well as acting as a room divider between the kitchen and laundry area.  I hated the shutter doors it had when we moved in, and my kitchen inspiration photos all had beautifully paneled islands.  While ours isn't the focal point of the kitchen, I think the wood adds lots of warmth and ties all the shelving together with the white cabinets and the best part is that we didn't loose the storage as I originally planned. 

Keep reading for the how-to on this project.

A couple notes about this project before I get into what I did, first, I planned to use recycled pallets for this project, but as it turns out, those aren't as easy to find/buy as I thought they would be.  So I stumbled upon the hobby boards from Home Depot.  Though I knew they wouldn't give me the super rustic look I was trying for, I also knew they would be easier to work with.  Second note, I first glued all the panels on, trying to avoid spending the almost $200 on the brad nailer.  The plywood panels I attached to the peninsula before gluing came out beautifully, however, for some reason the wood panels on the door, which I fixed while the board was laying down, started bowing a lot.  So, I ended up using the brand nailer anyway to fix this.  Long story short, in hindsight, I would have just used the brad nailer from the beginning.  It would have been a lot faster than waiting for the glue to dry.



  • get plywood cut to size 
  • cut hobby board to fit fill the plywood 
  • sand cut boards
  • stain cut boards
  • attach plywood to peninsula, except for the door panel, we will attach that later 
  • glue panels to plywood, using clamps to hold in place and pennies to space between the boards
  • once door panel is dry, attach with hinges 
  • fix any loose boards with brad nailer
  • add magnets to hold door closed 

Thanks for checking out my DIY kitchen reno!