DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Did you notice the Macrame wall hanging in my bathroom makeover on Tuesday?  It was a fun little afternoon DIY project, based off this tutorial.  I love the bohemian vibe and pop of color it brings to the stark black walls.  I do however, have to make a note, that while I loved the way it looked while I was making it, I think the nature of the rope material wasn't the best for this project, and the formation of the knots seems to be slipping a little, and aren't hanging so nicely anymore.  I used a 3/16" rope that's a poly blend, where as I think a cotton rope would have been more successful.  Anyone have a good recommendation for a cotton rope?  Both Home Depot and Jo-Ann Fabrics were a bust in that department. 

Keep reading to find out how to make the macrame wall hanging.
  • Two equal sized dowels
  • colored tape
  • cotton rope (I used a blend, and it didn't hold the dye too well, nor does it lay perfectly, so do yourself a favor and go for the cotton)
  • scissors
  • fabric dye

Knot Index:

Step 8: Tape the ends of the dowels to add a pop of color
Step 9: Add another piece of rope to hang