July Wish List

1. I know it's late in the summer for new sunnies, but I like to get a new pair every year, and I think I may have found this year's winners, Burberry 57mm Cat Eye
2. love a good pillow, and all my favorite colors for the home
3. I don't just think I want, I need the chicest, easiest skirt around
4. I don't find myself jewelry shopping all that often, but this necklace stopped my in my tracks
5. agenda, y'all know I'm planner obsessed.  Never can start the hunt too early.
6. The perfect weekender bag
7. end of the summer sandal buy, why not?
8. Have you seen West Elm's new collection?  It's amazing.  Since I just made a lot of home purchases, I think this mirrored tray would layer perfect on one of my new pieces of furniture.