Travel Lust: Croatia

This month I'm lusting after a travel destination that's a little off the beaten path, but quickly climbing the lists of must visit places, Croatia.  I'd never given much thought to the country across the Adriatic Sea from my favorite destination, Italy, then, I'm embarrassed to admit, they visited Croatia on one episode of The Bachelor and I was immediately interested.  The magnificent beaches, coupled with the charming Medieval towns and tons of history makes it a perfect vacation spot.  

Croatia has long been a getaway to Europeans, but the rest of the world is only just finding out about it.

Stay: in the cutest and quirkiest,

David Bowie themed Airbnb

apartment in Dubrovnik.  Not to mention the insane views.

See: Old town Dunrovnik.  These Medieval streets are where some scenes in "Game of Thrones" are filmed.  If I ever actually make it to Croatia, I may have to watch an episode or two to, so I can feel transported back 500 years, as I walk the ancient streets.

experience: Krka National Park.  You can swim among the waterfalls, explore tiny islands, caves and  even two monasteries within the park!

do: travel up the coast, exploring beaches and spend a night in Split, complete with a boat ride to explore the islands.