Back to School Wish List

Who doesn't like shopping for back to school supplies?  Crazy people, duh!  That's why I, of course, had to virtually shop for my hypothetical back-to-school needs.  

1. travel the world calendar - to keep track of how many days til spring break
2. mouse pad - I never had a mouse pad that cute in my life!
3. scissors - cause they are beautiful, and don't you need beautiful scissors?
4. post-it set - to write notes to yourself or anyone you like, or don't like.
5. personalized stationery - to make yourself appear sophisticated
6. leather backpack - a buttery-soft beautiful leather backpack, that's also a messenger
7. pencil case - to keep your treasures
8. desk pad - this should be #1 instead of #8 for me, perfect for keeping me focused on my weekly to-do lists.