Big News!

We're having a baby!!!

We are thrilled to let the cat out of the bag to all my readers and social media friends!  At 14 1/2 weeks, I feel great, and from what I hear, I've been really lucky during the first trimester.  I experienced virtually no morning sickness, I have felt well enough to keep up my running regimen and haven't entered the world of weird cravings just yet.  I've had people tell both that an easy first trimester means we're having a girl, and that it means we're having a boy, so whichever "wive's tale" camp you're from, leave a comment, I love hearing people's theories.  My bump is just starting to make it's appearance, but  I haven't quite gotten comfortable with the idea of flaunting it, except in the photos above.

Emotionally, I don't know what to feel, some days I'm over-the-moon, and some days I am really, really scared.  I think that's normal, right?  I think feeling so "un-pregnant" during the first trimester has played tricks on me, I often wonder if there really is something in there, despite the fact that I now have several photos and doctors telling me otherwise.

The more prominent bump, the idea of soon being able to feel the baby and the happiness to share the news with our entire world is so exciting!  In six (long) weeks we will find out the sex of our little peanut and until then I'll share some nursery ideas I've been dreaming up, and more updates along the way.  I hope to use this blogging community as a sounding board and source for recommendations and advice as we charter these new territories in our lives.      

Yay baby Koster, due February 12, 2015!!