If it's a girl...

Okay, I love my baby boy room ideas, but I looove this little girl room.  Disco ball lights, happy cloud pillows and lyrics from my favorite artist on the wall; creating this space will be a dream.  Again, I started with the same furniture staples (see the basics here), but instead of layering on graphic prints and charming New York references, I am adding sparkly touches and whimsical details.  

Just a little more than two weeks until we know which room we can get started on!  

light fixture / moon dance art (added DIY words) / mobile / unicorn / crib sheetscrib / mountains art / ballerina paint-by-numbers 1 & 2  (added DIY words) / creme de la creme art / life is a dream artcart / dresser / storage bin / lamps / rocker / Moraccan poufrugvespa rocking horse / happy cloud pillow / lovely pillow