My Maternity Style

Holla!  I am half way through my first pregnancy, I started documenting my growing bump pretty much right away, but a little later on, I thought it would be fun to document my maternity style through the changing seasons and sizes.

I definitely have tended toward being a belly hider, as opposed to a flaunter.  As I grow, I am becoming more comfortable with it, but as a person who normally wears boxy t-shirts and blazers, showing off my body isn't the norm for me.  In the early days I squeezed into all my tighter, high-waist items in an effort to wear them one last time before I put them away until next spring (hopefully).  Currently I'm sticking to pants with give, skirts to show a little skin and usually a top it off with a jacket.   So far I've been lucky enough to fit into pretty much all of my clothes still, minus the super-fitted stuff.  Though I did notice the buttons starting to pull on a blouse the other day, I'm pretty sure that means it's time to invest in a few maternity basics.

Thanks for following along and be sure to come back next week, when we'll know if we're having a little fella or a little lady!!!!