September Wish List

It's September, but it feels like July and I'm growing by the minute, so excuse my lack of total enthusiasm for fall fashion.  Like my belly, my list is slowly getting bigger, but here is what I'm lusting after at the moment. 

1. I love a chunky ring. This one is good quality metals and stones at a reasonable price.

2. Projector . I may have missed the boat on summer movie nights, but maybe we can rig up a college football watch party

3. Clare Vclutch, because it's fun.

4.overalls.  I am on the fence on this trend, but after I spied cute Rachel Bilson sporting a pair in my celebrity maternity style post, I was sold.

5. maternity dress , that would be beautiful now, in three months and wearable after

6. boots.  Pointy booties are definitely on my fall list.