Studio Closet Makeover

This past weekend I was tired of staring at my almost-finished studio/office space, so I tackled a long-awaited back-burner project, the studio closet.  I keep this closet open as an extension of the room, so it really was an eyesore.  It's the biggest closet in the whole house and you can see on the left how it was being utilized...terribly.  I had some fancy, I-don't wear-very-often clothes hanging, a broken file cabinet, in which I did not want to put important papers, cause it was so annoying to use, a few storage boxes, and some games.  After, the closet still houses pretty much the same contents, but in a much more organized and beautiful fashion.  

Like much of the house, this closet had a BAD paint job, so I gave it a few coats before I got started.  Then I added the stripes, I used the same technique I did for the down stairs bathroom (you may have seen it here on Instagram).  Since it's a rental, and stripes are tough to paint, I used Duck Tape.  Especially in a small area, this is super easy and a lot less painful to achieve straight lines, than traditional painting.  I used three strips of tape for each stripe, since I wanted them to be bold and graphic.  

I also organized and labeled all my storage boxes, bought a bin for extra blankets, as well as one for gift boxes and bags, which were previously strewn all over the closet floor.  And for a finishing touch, I replaced the crappy wood bar with a pretty copper one.

sources: tape stripes / storage boxes / file cabinet / woven storage hamper / striped storage basket