Studio Tour

Welcome to my favorite room in the house.  The place where I spend the most time when I am home, my place to create, my studio.  There is a lot to love about this room, the natural light, the space, the cross-breeze, but a few things to hate.  My biggest pet peeve, no overhead lighting!  Hence the lights on the shelving unit, unfortunately they only do so much, guess it helps me know when to stop and go to bed.  

This is the room with the most new furniture, almost nothing came from the apartment, as most of that office furniture was very specific to the small space, and now I have room to sprawl and make messes.  Even though I am only one person using this space, I love that I have two desk areas, as I often set up my sewing machine on the left side and toggle back and forth from my computer to my sewing project.  The desk is super functional and has so many drawers to keep all my supplies tidy and organized.

Speaking of a space for everything, I bought these cheap garage shelving units from Home Depot and spray painted them white.  They are big, and heavy duty and can hold all my crap!  The work table is also an upgrade from the apartment.  This too, I spray-painted white.  It's small enough that it can stand in the middle of the room, and I can still get around it, but big enough to draft patterns and spread out on, in short, it really works.

art: can't stop print / won't stop print / black and white illustration (framed magazine tear) / shoe (Andy Warhol postcard)/ flamingo / goal printable

desk: desk / chairs (vintage) / yellow storage box / gold trinket dishes (DIY) / gold stapler / weekly list pad / "hello sunshine" note cards / lucite storage

furniture/shelving: work table (frame painted white) / stool (vintage) / rug / shelves (painted white) / storage boxes / storage baskets / lights / label holders (for non-white boxes)