Travel Lust (Montreal)

From what I hear, after this baby comes, we can't keep jetting off to Europe every year, but I also hear that there's a European-like option on this side of the pond, Montreal.  A city with the charm of Europe, but only a (long) drive away from NYC.  I'll try to plan this one for the summer, as I know it can get quite brutal up there.    

Stay: The most amazing airbnb.  

Plateau Apt 3

.  There are lots of great options out there for great prices, but this beautiful, modern apartment right in the middle of the city has my name all over it.

Explore: Old Montreal.  Because it's so darn cute.


Le Jardin Nelson

.  And lots of other great places too, this restaurant just looked too beautiful not to mention.  There are even food tours around the city to be sure you don't miss any of the best bites.


Habit 67

.  Obviously there is lots and lots of great architecture in Montreal, most of it old world, but I think this model community/housing complex is so interesting.  It was created for the World's Fair in 1967 and looks like a hamster house I might have constructed out of shoe boxes circa 1995.

Shop: Vintage, because it's what I love.  Found this

great list of vintage/thrift shops in Montreal

.  How cute is this shop,

Eva B