Closet Clean

As it's a year of milestones, I have also deemed it the year of the closet clean.  I had the first big clean out back in the spring, pre-move, in the wake of my 30th birthday.  Now that I am switching my closet from summer to fall, I am saying good-bye to some pieces until spring comes, when hopefully I can fit into most of them again, but some garments, it's time to part with for good.  In an effort to bring myself up to the mom-style level I should be at, the following pieces are leaving my closet.  If any of these garments strike your fancy, send me an email by Friday, October 17, and I will mail it over.  Clothes are generally a size 2 or 4, and shoes 7 1/2 or 8. 

First to go, the hot pants.  As long as I have my good legs (hopefully they still have a few good years), I will be a wearer of shorts, but these babies are a little over the top.  The sequins are a reasonable length, but 30 is probably retirement age for sequin shorts.  And the leather shorts are actually really awesome, beautiful leather, super flattering, but also super short.  I've deemed them too short for a mom.  

We all have them, shoes we love, but we never wear because they are impractical.  These three beauties have been hard to say good-bye to.

I don't think this needs much explanation,  If I call them "Minnie Mouse dress" and "Barbie dress," which I do, they don't belong in a grown-up closet.  The white one I debated, because it's been a favorite summer dress for years, but it's just a little short.  

I have bought at least three black pumps since this pair and two black booties, yet both these pairs of shoes had been so good to me, that I couldn't part, but it's time.

Prints are one of my things, so I'm definitely not ridding my closet of prints, instead, I'm simply giving away the crazy prints that are also in weird shapes.  

I think jumpers are one of the most chic of-the-moment silhouettes, but I don't feel that the overly casual style belong in a chic mom's closet.  I'll stick to the separates for my casual wear.  

While, I don't see a a major shift in the look of my closet, I'll still embrace prints and color, I'll still chase a trend from time to time and shop at H&M, but I want to invest more in timeless classics going forward.  Tomorrow I'll share some thoughts and style icons I will declare for my adult self.