Grown-Up Style Icons

Yesterday, I went through a few things I eliminated from my wardrobe, now moving forward, here are three style icons that I will look to for my "grown-up style."

I put Taylor Tomasi Hill first, because not only is she amazingly beautiful with a fabulous sense of style, I feel like my look is already along the same lines.  She not afraid of color and pattern, neither am I, she'll rock anything from cut-off shorts with a sleeveless trench to a pantsuit.  I think we are both pretty fearless in fashion, she just does it in a more polished way that I aspire to.

Sorry I'm not sorry, Olivia Palermo is back on one of my lists again.  She just kills it every time.  Even her casual looks are completely polished.  If I can look half this good as a 30-something mom, I will pat myself on the back.

And my aspirational icon, the beautiful, the ever-so-French, Garance Dore.  Her look might be a little too extreme for me at the moment, but she always looks effortless and put-together at the same time.  I definitely put her on my list of women I aspire to dress like. 

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