Baby Registry (the fun stuff)

Yesterday I shared all the goods that I have no real idea how to pick out, but today, oh today is the good stuff!  The pretty stuff, the cool stuff.  The goodies I can confidently choose and force on my kid while I'm still making all the decisions for him.  Baby, hope you like New York City and other cute things.  Here's my list of the fun, frivolous stuff for baby K.

1. I can't think of anything sillier than dressing my newborn in a Biggie Smalls onsie, which is why the "It was all a dream onsie" is first on the list
2. in a few months my future city planner can rearrange the city, but for now skyline blocks will look so cute styled on a shelf
3. Yes, this brownstone stuffed toy is RIDICULOUS, but it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine.  I mean, Baby K's
4. The Taxi Print makes a sweet shot of color for the gallery wall
5. camo mocs - I love supporting small biz, especially when I met the sweet owner behind Freshly Picked.  People say these mocs are the best and with such fun leather choices, also the most fashionable.
6. NYC pennant
7. I keep picturing my little dude wearing this onsie and giggling.  I sense a future instagram.
8. Also ridiculous, but VW busses are pretty much my favorite thing and I want to force the love of them on my future son with this stuffed toy.
9. warmth, with a side of cute, perfect for a February baby, quilted chambray bear suit
10.  Unfortunately I don't know the fate of my weekly Italian lessons post baby, so books like Dr. Suess in Italian, are the perfect way to teach baby K some culture and help me brush up

See the rest of the registry list here.