My Maternity Style #2

Last time I checked in with my maternity style I was 20 weeks along and things have definitely changed since then, namely my belly, it's grown, a lot.  Back at 20 weeks I was still wearing regular jeans and lots of non-maternity pieces.  Flash forward 8 weeks and I finally bought a pair of maternity jeans ( these ), but still squeezing in a few last wears of the boyfriend jeans.  I've been relying heavily on the t-shirt/blazer combo and soon have to invest in a few maternity tees that are long enough to cover the bump.  

Meanwhile, I am still feeling great, though stairs have become my enemy, but I am keeping up my routine and trying to stay in shape as much as possible in prep for the cold, long winter months.  If you follow me on instagram, you'll know that I've been busy with baby projects and the room is coming nicely, more updates on that to come.