My DIY year in Review

This was the year of the DIY around here.  Moving from a teeny apartment to a big house gave me lots and lots of reasons to spend time in my studio and with my power tools.  First up the before and afters.  I gave our

upstairs half bathroom a modern makeover

by painting the walls black and adding some bohemian elements.  Next up, I dressed up my

studio closet

with some hot pink stripes and lots of organization.  Finally, the biggie, a

total kitchen overall

for $500.

Two lighting projects,

bentwood pendent


simple sconce makeover


I made a goal to sew one garment a month for the year, and I came close, closing out the year with ten new handmade pieces.  Click


to see more.

One of my favorite DIY makeovers, turned a mid-century dresser, thriftstore find into a

modern media cabinet.

Two tassel projects, a darling Ikea hack,

striped throw


oversized leather tassels

as a curtain tieback in the baby room.

and a few other miscellaneous projects, a

leather American flag

, a

felt mobile

for my new nephew, a

macrame wall hanging

and an

oversized inspiration board