2015 Goals

Here they are, declared to my little corner of the internet, my 2015 goals. 

Love with all my heart - to me this means this goes hand-in-hand with living in the moment.  I'd like to be present in all the things I do, and for all the people I care about.

Be the best I can be - I wear a lot of hats, we all do, and its easy to beat yourself up or harp on yourself for not being better at any given thing, at any given moment, but sometimes you have to accept that your best is all you can give, and this year, I'm trying to heed that advice.

I just started my venture into events planning back in October with the launch of I Love Love Events, and in 2015, I hope to grow and make lots of happy clients.

Find a mentor and meet with them regularly.  It's great to get the outside perspective of someone you admire.  I'd love to find a couple strong people to bounce ideas off of.

Travel one new place.  I may be singing a different tune, once the baby arrives, but while he can still fly in our laps, I'd love to squeeze in one or two more trips without paying for that extra plane ticket.

Relax once in a while.  My single worst resolution of 2014.  So it's back.  I would like to allow myself a little more down time, instead of skipping the 10 minute massage at the nail salon, go for it, watch an extra hour of TV or go for a hike on the weekends instead of getting that project done.  Little things, that all add up to a balanced life.

Run a half marathon.  I'm superficially giving myself this goal to motivate myself to get back into shape post baby.

Save for a house.  We're already inching our way toward homeownership, but maybe I pair down my spending this year to get even closer.

And there they are, my objectives for 2015.  It's going to be a big big year and I think being the best mom I can be trumps all, but hopefully I can check a few other things off this list by 2016.