DIY Leather Bunting Flags

Baby K is due one month from yesterday!!!  So naturally, I'm busy nesting.  His little room is really coming together, I'm doing lots of tiny laundry and adding all the special details, like my latest baby project, leather bunting flags.  This was an easy project to add a little whimsy and a little masculinity at the same time. 

I had to share these closet dividers, that I didn't know existed until I received them at my shower, but they are adorable and genius! 

Click below to get the DIY instructions.


  • leather, I used two colors
  • twine
  • rotary cutter
  • leather punch
  • marker
  • ruler
  • cutting mat

Step 1: cut the leather in a straight line, measure the height of the flags (I did 5" tall)

Step 2: then draw another straight line to be the top of the flags

Step 3: measure out the width (I used 4") and make hash marks

Step 4: measure out the center points and mark out the points of the flags

Step 5: connect the dots

Step 6: use the rotary cutter to cut

Step 7: use the leather punch to make the holes

Step 8: string the flags on the twine

Step 9: Hang