January Wish List

Baby is coming soon.  And while I know I won't have too much cash left for my own shopping pleasure, a gal can daydream about not wearing maternity jeans and tent-like dresses, here's my (non-essential) post-baby wish list.  

1. a new Lipstick - an easy way to glam up a look, even if there is spit-up on my shirt.

2. leather looking joggers - a new mom needs all the comfy-chic pants she can get

3. A bottle of Delirium Tremens, more like a sip.  This strong Belgian beer is my fav, and I have missed beer.

4. a chic, slim coat , even if it's just to the doctor's office, cause I'm tired of looking like a tent

5. A subscription to Living Etc. Mag , for my day dreaming pleasure

6. one for the babe - adorable crib blanket

7. comfy, cool sneakers - Vans high tops