What's in my Hospital Bag

He's almost here!  Our baby boy is due to arrive in just over three weeks!  That means, this soon-to-be-mom is starting to prep for the big day.  And the million dollar question has come up, what to put in your hospital bag?  You hear about all the things people pack that they don't ever touch.  So, I polled some recent new moms, and took the info from our child birth class to come up with this list below.  

For Mom - mom needs a few comfy outfits, but don't overdo it, most people said they spent most of the time in the hospital gown.
1. pajamas
2. sweat pants
3. nursing top
4. slippers
5. nursing bras
6. lanolin - for sore nipples
7. bottom spray - recommended to me to cool "down there"
8. cotton underwear - I've heard they give these to you, so you probably don't need to go overboard here either.

For Dad - the basics will do.
9. tee shirts
10. comfy pants
11. boxers

For Us
12. Baby journal - I know I'll be exhausted and overwhelmed, but I'd like to capture those thoughts and memories right away, so I can remember what it really felt like in the moment.
13. camera - of course
14. iPad - for the down time
15. snacks

For (my possible Valentine's Day) Baby - going home outfit.  They specifically told us this is all he will need.  I also threw in a swaddle blanket, so I can get a lesson from the nurse using the kind we have here.
16. hat
17. knit onsie
18. moccasins

Don't forget the other essentials, a toothbrush, your chargers, deodorant, glasses, etc.  Some people bring music for the labor, I may pack something, but I have a hunch that won't be at the forefront of my mind when I arrive at the hospital.

Wish me luck and I'll come back with the updated list after I've been through it and really know the necessities.