Oliver Rome (2 month update)

Aside from the quick photo, I haven't really talked about my little buddy much, but I thought I'd take this post to give you a quick update on my sweet little baby Oliver Rome.  Life with a baby is awesome and crazy and basically just incredible.  I am still on maternity leave with exactly 22 days to go.  That sounds like a lot of time, and it feels like a lot, but it's amazing how fast a day can go by, yet you get "nothing" done.  I really could stare a little Ollie for hours.  For a gal who never slept in past 8, like ever, it's quite a change to hang out in bed for an entire morning.

Oliver's napping habits leave something to be desired, read: I'm lucky if he shuts his eyes for 15 minutes if I'm holding him, and 10 if I put him down.  This schedule leaves me with little down time, and feeling guilty for not getting more done.  Then I feed him and he's a smiley, happy boy for a while and I can't even remember what I wanted to get done anyway. Until it's the weekend, and I have my husband, my savior, I hand off the baby and I am so fast and efficient at getting as much done as possible while he hangs with Oliver.

Enough about my dealings.  Aside from being a bad napper, Oliver is really good at sleeping in our bed when I bring him in in the morning (bad habit maker, right here).  He loves raspberry noises, howling like a wolf and kissing his hands and feet.  He is learning to smile at us when we smile and is becoming a regular little flirt.  He shows little engagement in toys, but still more interested in the lights and the people.  He and Maggie aren't exactly best friends, she loves to bathe him in kisses, but they are getting along really well.  Oliver is long and lean and doesn't have the cheeks or baby rolls just yet.

This month we look forward to adventuring into the city to meet some friends and walk a 5k.  We booked his first flight to Michigan, traveling in May.  And we dread our first round of shots, and taking him to start day care.