The Perfect Alarm Clock

An alarm clock, it's incredibly mundane, but a functional object you use everyday, why shouldn't it also be visually pleasing?  It should.  I've gone through several alarm clocks in the past few years.  I like to know what time it is with out firing the phone up, cause then I feel the need to check in with instagram and facebook and it's 40 minutes later and I'm still up.  Anyway, I've found some good looking alarm clocks that will function exactly how they should and if your phone dies, you can still make it to work on time.  Personally, I like a digital clock for this purpose, so I think I'm leaning toward #8, the Retro Digital Flip clock, maybe in white though. 

1. Areaware iPhone dock
2. Bunny Ear Alarm Clock
3. Round Wood Alarm Clock
4. KABB white wood grain light clock
5. Sentry Retro Design Analog Flip Clock
6. Flip number alarm clock
7. Covent Alarm Clock
8. Retro Digital Flip Clock