Travel Lust (Provence, France)

I have come to discover that I am my best self in Europe.  I am happier, more alive and more in love.  The charm of the European cities I've visited have casted a spell on me.  But now, it's time to explore the less touristy places.  I've been following along with Bri Emery's recent European adventure on Instagram, that coupled with watching a recent episode of Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown, in which he visits Lyon, France, has me itching to explore authentic, off-the-beaten-path foodie heavens. 

Stay: in an amazing AirBnB, a chateau, yes a chateau, in the French Countryside.

Do: a wine tour.  We are in French wine country, seems like a waste not to take advantage.  Plus, apparently Provence Wine Tours has offerings with views like this photo!

Experience: A French cooking class.  I may even eat and touch meat to get the full experience of the French cuisine. Provence Gourmet offers an authentic French cooking experience.

Shop: The markets.  My two favorite things, cheese, at Les Halles in Lyon and a flea market, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Market.