Taking a Break

It's almost seven years to the day that I published my very first blog post here, on Undeclared Panache, my little corner of the internet for sharing my inspirations and creations.  When I first began fashion was my world, I was 24 and fresh meat in the fashion game.  I loved kitschy things and kept a sense of humor about the industry.  Over the past years my interests have shifted, my voice has grown and my priorities have changed.  I have grown up from thrifting queen to new mommy.  I used this forum to document my past three homes, dozens of projects, lots of shopping lists, outfits, trends and everything that mused me.  Before Pinterest I would come here to remember the image I had blogged months before.  I love scrolling through to see how my tastes have changed, and they have, a lot.  Every post whether it took 20 minutes or three hours meant something special to me.

But, I just can't find the time anymore.  I love this blog, but not nearly as much as I love my baby, my husband, my full-time job and my event business, I Love Love Events.  So it is with much sadness that I have decided to take a break from blogging here.  I may still post from time to time when I am really feeling inspired or have a fun project to share.

I have been feeling all kinds of guilt for falling behind on posts and for compromising quality.  This post is serving to alleviate myself from said guilt, and letting my readers know that it's time I need to focus on my other priorities.  I suspect that in the next year, when I buy a house, and have lots to share, you'll see me back here, but for now, posts will be sporadic at best.  Thank you for coming here, however you got here, however many times you've visited, thank you.