Unique Confetti Wedding Programs

Yes, it's true, except for a few sentimental guests (my mom hords them), most wedding programs find their way to the trash, and I'm sure ours was no different, but hopefully our guests got a little enjoyment out of ours before they hit the trash receptacle.  I've been to weddings with out programs, and of course, that doesn't make a wedding bad, but I strongly believe a program makes a wedding better.  At it's very core, a program lets your Aunt Mildred or your college roommate's date know exactly who everyone is and the ceremony feel a little more intimate.

This DIY is less about the design and more about the packaging, though I did get a lot of positive feedback on our program's contents.  I designed our programs myself using this wedding program I found via Pinterest and our invites as the base.  I started with the basics, family, wedding party, ceremony order and then I added a few extra, special elements.  Sometimes the ceremony doesn't start on time or sometimes guests arrive a little early, so I wanted to give them some reading material while they waited.  I added a timeline that stretched the entire bottom of the booklet.  Some guests weren't with my husband and I on our 10-year journey from friends to newlyweds, so they were able to learn a little more about us.  I also love the confetti toss as the bride and groom come back down the isle, so I wanted to incorporate that into the packaging.  And our programs were born!

What you need:

1. Score each page to make a nice crease

2. Trim pages.  I chose the sized based on the envelopes I bought.

3. Assemble

4. Punch two 1/4" holes

5. Thread a piece of twine through the holes and tie a bow on the outside fold.

6. Stuff in the glassine envelope

7.  Fill with a handful of confetti.

8. Seal with a cute little label.

(First and last photo by Lizzie Photo, all others by me)