DIY // Leather Coasters

This project has been on my list for quite some time.  Until now, our coaster situation consisted of cute tiles from Antropologie.  I've had them for years, but I still like them, they still work with our decor, but they don't work with a toddler who rips any object he can reach off it's surface and throws it onto the floor.  To solve this issue I went to my leather stash to create unbreakable, surface protecting drink surfaces.  See my instructions below. 

DIY Leather Coasters
DIY Leather Coasters
DIY Leather Coaster supplies


  • leather, I used three different colors
  • Cricut (you can do this project without one, but may not acheive the shape perfection)
  • ruler
  • rotary cutter 
  • tacky glue
  • paint brush

Step 1. Download my template, designed for a 12'x12' cutting mat, for the full hexagon back side and for the half hexagon front side.  Upload to Cricut Design Space, and follow the steps to cut.  

DIY Leather Coaster

Step 2. When your leather comes out of the machine you will likely have to trim the hairs off the end of the leather.  Use a ruler and your rotary cutter to do this. 

Step 3. Use a paint brush to spread the glue onto the entire are of the full hexagon back side.  Be sure you spread to the corners, edges and center where the two halves meet. 

DIY Leather Coasters

Step 4. Place two halves in place.  Be sure to push the seams together at the center. 

DIY Leather Coasters

Step 5. After you allow the glue to dry for a while, trim any uneven edges. And you're done! 

DIY Leather Coasters