My Word of the Year // Refresh

Refresh, that’s the word I’m choosing for 2017.  My life is great, the problem is, I’ve been looking at it through a lens of negativity.  I don’t have any life changing goals for the next 365 days, but I plan to keep moving forward.  I hope to keep growing personally, and moving toward being the positive, fun-loving person I once was.  

It's hard to wear the rose colored glasses that were a permanent accessory in my life at 25.  Being a grown up comes with so many pressures and obligations, and when you're a driven, goal-oriented person, it's a challenge to slow down and realize how good you already have it.

Minimal Bedroom

That said, in true type-A form, I have made a detailed list of goals, divided into categories all under the umbrella theme of “refresh” to drive my next year.  I plan to organize my life and spaces to help me achieve both my ambitions and the balance I crave.  I really want to use you, my readers and friends as my virtual accountability partners to check in on how all this freshening up is going. 


So in this new year, I want to move toward making this blog a more personal conversation.  I still want to share my outfits, but I will talk more about how they fit my lifestyle as a 30 something working mom.  I still want to share beautiful spaces, but I want to discuss why in a world of excess you need ANOTHER rug (it’s a problem).  And I want to be more open about my life as a mother, struggles at being a good wife and strategies to achieve financial comfort, while still taking vacations and living life to the fullest.

Minimal Shelf

I hope you will come a long on this ever-evolving space that I promise will always be filled with Panache.

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