Weekend Rewind

This was a weekend full of inspiration gathering.  Friday, I ended the week with some work shopping. The trip was punctuated with the most inspiring of them all, Anthropologie, where they were just getting all of their holiday goodies up.  What a lovely lovely installation.  I was looking for something new above the dining room table.  I may see a DIY in my future.  Sunday, I hit the flea market and sadly didn't bring home this golden chair.  Next time I'll be sure to pull the trigger a little faster.  The rest of the weekend I spent hanging out with the dog and the hubby, eating and cooking, like it's the holidays already.  It was definitely a wonderful and relaxing weekend.   

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weekend rewind

Considering I spent the better part of last week out of commission and haven't had a voice for two days, it was a pretty fun and eventful weekend.  Friday we did some shopping for work, and I may have picked up a few personal items, including a deep discount Anthopologie sale pair of earrings and book and this Old Navy chambry shirt I blogged about last week.  Also, my lemon tree arrived!  Now my kitchen feels like Italy!  After all that, on Friday, I took the hubs to our first Brooklyn Nets game for his birthday, which was on Wednesday, the day I could barely get out of bed.  

Yesterday I accompanied Stuyvesant, the cheer team I used to coach, to their second ever competition.  The girls did a great job!  WAY TO GO PEG LEGS!  It brought back so many memories, of working with the girls and of my own high school experience  Thinking I may recommit myself next year, because coaching is something I'm really passionate about and really miss.  Also, yesterday, I parted with my fiddle.  Remember when I bought that thing over four years ago!?  I really thought one day I would play this.  Never made it there, but hopefully the next person will make it a little closer than I did.

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