Viva Italia

After the honeymoon, I took a little break from Italy posts, but now I'm back to lessons and today's post is a pretty cool one.  I heard some people talking about the flooding in Venice last month, but didn't think too much about it, because it happens all the time.  Then my husband sent me these photos saying, "I am a little jealous we didn't get to experience this."  I have to disagree.  Most of the people in these photos look in pretty good spirits, except for that poor woman in the last photo.  I bet if Kyle had to hoist our giant suitcase above his head he would change his tune.  

(More great photos here)

Honeymoon Video

Long before we left for our honeymoon I watched this video, by the very talented Austin Hendrix.  The video single handedly inspired me to get my own video camera, capture our trip on film and make my own memory video.  Even though we are freshly back from Italy, watching this warms my heart and makes me want to go back already.  Hope you enjoy.

Honeymoon V: Roma

For the final stop on our trip, we went back to Rome.  Here, we did an apartment swap using  This was our second exchange and both were amazing experiences.

We spent our two days in Rome seeing all the sights, hitting the museums and eating as much pasta and drinking as many delicious cappuccinos as possible before we got back to reality.

We toured the Colosseum, 

visited the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Cathedral,

the Spanish Steps,

the Roman Forum,

and the Pantheon.

Of course we spent time doing my very favorite Roman activity, people watching in the piazzas. 

Exhausted from trying to see Rome in two days, we headed back to New York, back to reality, to begin our lives as newlyweds.