Styling Inspiration

On most days I think I style myself pretty well, but then I was turned on to the style blog, Atlantic-Pacific and I decided that I need to put a lot more thought into layering and accessories. My closet is not quite, but almost, on par with Ms. Blair (I even own that vest in the third photo) but there is no way I look even close to this put-together even one day a week, let alone all five.

Thanks for the fashion wake-up call.

It's all in the details

No faces, no shoes and only partial outfits, but there is no question that these women are all kinds of fabulous. I am obsessed with's street photographer, Tommy Ton's shots of fashion week. It makes me happy to realize that while I'm not designing entire outfits, many times accessories can be the icing on the cake and these ladies know how to choose them.

These are only my very favorites. Click here for more.