It's Friday I'm in Love

with every one's favorite twins,

with this amazing looking cookie cake! Might need to have a party just to have a setting to serve this (recipe not yet on Martha Stewart),

and with fabulous Louis Vuitton helmets. Just picked up our second Vespa helmet yesterday and I'm fixin' to add some racing stripes.

Have a lovely weekend.

It's Friday I'm in love

My brain has been scattered in a million directions, so this Friday's post is a grab-bag.

I am in lust with escaping the winter for this LV ad campaign location.

I am in love with the leggy ladies of Burberry Pre-Fall,

with beautifully styled bar-carts,

and with continuing my birthday celebration. We are having a margarita-filled happy hour today and a birthday brunch for my man and I with a live Jazz soundtrack!

Speaking of, have a very happy birthday, my love!

It's Friday I'm in love

With well styled skinnies and sky high heels,

with a Louis Vuitton's nod towards spring in a fabulously retro way,

with the combo of fluffy fur and sleek leather,

and with fanciful underwear and the beautiful women who march down the runway in them.

I'll end the week with this.