America's Next Top Grilled Cheese

On my last trip back to Michigan I saw a clip on the morning news about "One of best sandwiches in America" (according to Esquire Magazine) found at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak, Michigan. The delicious sandwich has three kinds of cheese, Fontina, Mozzerella and Haviarti, tomatoes, basil and a touch of honey. My mouth began watering three months ago and was not satisfied until last week.

While the sandwich was very tasty, I hesitate to call it America's best Grilled Cheese. I am quite the grilled cheese connoisseur and I'd say the best I've tasted is from my little bakery in the city (with three locations), Amy's Bread. Their grilled cheese challenger, Grilled N.Y. State Cheddar, has spicy chipotle pepper puree, thinly sliced red onions, tomatoes & fresh cilantro. I've tried to recreate this perfect creation in my own kitchen, but have never quite succeeded.
I guess I'll let you decide.