Paris in the Spring Time

Our second (and final) stop on our European shopping trip was Paris.  The weather is insane, I'm talking rain for five minutes, then beautiful sunshine, then rain for twenty.  But when it was nice, it was spring time in Paris at it's best.  We spent most of our time in the charming boutiques of Le Marais, but squeezed in just a little time to visit the Eiffel Tower, of course.  

This is my third time in the City of Lights.  I've enjoyed it every time, but every time it's been a completely new and different experience.  I think it has finally won me over and looking at these photos, how can it not? 

Don't forget to look up

This past week was sensory overload, and I have more to share, but this is all I could muster last night.  Of course the bags, clothes and accessories was all very inspiring, but equally so was the beautiful decor of the boutiques of Paris we shopped in Le Marais, in the 1st Arrondissement, where we spent most of our time shopping on Saturday.  

Every time I looked up, there was something new to drool over.  I love the added crystals and the chandelier against eh raw beams.

just fun!

loving the globes.

a lei draped over a modern fixture, brilliant!

and don't forget to look down, either.

Off to Europe!

Yes, the crazy year continues!  My coworker and I are heading for a shopping trip to Amsterdam and Paris!  I am feeling quite stressed to leave smack in the middle of packing for

our move

, but I was also quite stressed in the box fort that is our apartment at the moment.  As soon as we are in the air, I can relax and enjoy the croissants and cafe au laits!  See you on the other side and follow along on