Summer Friday (Road Trip)

For those of you who aren't so lucky to know what summer Fridays are, it's when your office generously gives you a shortened schedule on Fridays in the summer.  Is it just a New York City thing?  You get to beat traffic, get out to the beach or just relax for an extra half day and, for some reason, those extra few hours are better than the rest of the weekend.  Our office decided to officially give us summer Fridays this summer, so to celebrate, I'm starting a new series that glorifies the stuff summer is all about.

First up, road trips!  Is there anything better?  Not in my book.  No security lines, no waiting on the runway or arranging rides, you just go.  You can stop where you want, go off the beaten path, have long long conversations and listen to all your favorite music, and just cross your fingers that you don't hit traffic.  This weekend we are road-tripping back to Michigan to celebrate a friend's weeding and the 4th of July with our family.  What's your favorite road trip memory?  

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Hope you have an amazing weekend!