Summer Friday (Bonfires)

Here we are, our last summer Friday.  And I'm going out with what I think is the absolute perfect end to any summer day, a bonfire.  In Michigan, bonfires are synonymous with summer and after spending our first summer out of the city in eight years, I got some of those childhood feelings of Michigan summers back in my life.  So grab some s'more fixens and take advantage cause after this, it's football, fashion, boots, sweaters and apple cider doughnuts, so enjoy it while it lasts!  Happy long weekend!!   

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Summer Friday (Surfs Up!)

The vision of myself waking up every morning and hitting the waves is almost enough for me to answer the call of the West Coast.  I have tried surfing a few times, and the thrill of catching a wave is beyond compare.  Even though, I am not to the level of "feeling the ocean," there is still a peace and a sense of being at one with nature every time I'm out there.  Basically, the idea of a surfer is summer to me and, boy, is she so much cooler than her runner friend.  

Happy (summer) Friday! 

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