Thanksgiving Essentials

I love hosting!  Designing beautiful tablescapes is my jam!  Check out I Love Love Events to see more of my work.  Creating a fabulous table doesn't have to be complicated or even expensive.  I love how these examples below don't have anything outrageously fancy going on, but they are layered to perfection with pieces you might already have or could pick up on the cheap.   Now, I am a crazy woman, with three sets of silverware, four sets of dishes, a million different glasses and props galore!  But, if you are just starting out, are on a budget or tight on space, here is my secret sauce styling tips for creating a beautiful table you'd be happy to sit your friends around for Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving Essentials
Thanksgiving Essentials
Thanksgiving table inspiration
Thanksgiving table inspiration

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Start with the a base, if you aren't in love with your table or you're combining multiple different tables to make one long table, I would use a table cloth.  Otherwise I am partial to the table runner, it adds a base of texture and color to be layered on top, while still showing the beauty of the table.  The third option is a placemat, which can also be used with or without a tablecloth or runner. 


Next layer the dishes.  I have four sets of dishes but three of them are very very simple.  A plain white set and a plain black set, and my wedding china which is white with a simple silver pattern.  Simple is better in my book, because it allows for styling many ways without clashing.   


I have been know to whip up a set of napkins the day of the party.  Napkins are the easiest way to add personality to a table in my book.  Not only can you add color and pattern, but you can also use a ring or experiment with different ways to fold or tie. 


Drinkware is where I add the fun!  I have a vast collection of glasses in colors and patterns and love to layer on top of my simple dishes and textile base. 


I suggest to invest in cookware so beautiful that you want to take it straight to the table and not replate, like a classic white Le Creusete.  Also a good idea to stock up on wooden and marble serving platters that work excellent for cheese, but can double as a hot plate for that beautiful cookware of yours. 


Finally, the icing on the cake, the details.  Why not impress your guests by taking that extra step?  Create a menu for the evening or have place cards made.  Minted has amazing options, but if you're the DIY type, this is the perfect place to get out the scissors and glue gun. 

Wedding Wednesday (Steal this Style #5)

Did you guys see the incredibly gorgeous table top I showed how to recreate over on Something Turquoise yesterday?  No?  Well you should go check it out, because it's changed my whole perspective on the color purple, plus I link to a great DIY tutorial to make that fabulous marble fruit bowl.  Click here to see the full post and more photos.  

Gorgeous tablescape: Snippet & Ink // Photography: belathee photography // Event planning, design and floral design: McKenzie Powell Floral & Event Design // Venue: The Corson Building

Wedding Wednesday (steal this style #4)

Every so often I find a table that I fall in love with so much that I feel the need to virtually shop for everything I need to recreate it.  And this, rustic, slightly-masculine, simple Italian-inspired table is PERFECT in my book.  Head on over to Something Turquoise to find out how to get the look.

Table found on: Green Wedding Shoes // Photography: giuli & giordi // Styling + DIY: ila mailu// Styling + DIY: di Tren Nozee // Florals: il Profumo dei fiori // Florals: i giardini di gava // Stationary + lasercut: CUTandPASTE-lab // Writer: Cynique