Vintage Jumpsuit

It's been such a long while since I've done an outfit post, but I found the cutest gem that I just have to share with y'all.  I sported my new-vintage, disco-fabulous jumpsuit I scored at Urban Outfitters, in their Urban Renewal section,  last weekend.  We made our way into the city for a few adventures, including my husband auditioning for Sports Jeopardy (!), while I checked out the Jeff Koons exhibit at The Whitney.  The exhibit was amazing, totally recommend, Kyle's audition went well, so it was a great day all around.

Get the Look:

Brimfield Antique Show (the loot)

Yesterday I shared a few photos from the shopping part, now for the fun part, the loot!

I brought back one piece of furniture, the cart below was from an old shoe factory in Maine and it's now a perfect display for some of my growing glassware collection.

Picked up this fun, bohemian, bamboo shelf, which I am excited to hang (and style) in our upstairs bath when I get around to giving it a makeover.

I picked up not one, but two sparkly dresses.  The one on the left is totally mod and totally cute, and the one the right is a little bit 90's, but I am planning to update it, Lanvin style.  

We lost our utensil draw space to a dishwasher this weekend, so to solve that problem, I found the perfect holder in a vintage brass ice bucket.  And the bargain find of the weekend were these cutie camping mugs/Moscow Mule glasses for $5!  

and of course, it wouldn't be a successful flea market if I didn't leave with out a few pieces of vintage glassware, plus a little sneak peek of my almost-finished kitchen!!!!

Brimfield Antique Show Recap

Last week my mother-in-law and I drove up to Massachusetts for the Brimfield Antique Show.  The show happens three times per year, May, July and September and is MASSIVE.  This is my second trip  (read about the first here) to the show and it did not disappoint.  Thursday, we had perfect weather, but neither of us could seem to find a reason good enough to open our wallets.  Friday on the other had was a rainy, crumby day and I found lots and lots of goodies and great deals, which I think I owe in part to the weather.  

Come back tomorrow to see all the goodies I brought home.