Great advice from Jenna Lyons

She's hardworking,  wildly successful, ridiculously cool and smart too.  Thought this was some great advice and a good reminder.  

1. I work on my instincts.  At the end of the day, it's all you have.  If you don't trust yourself, no one else is going to either.

2. You can't fix yesterday.  And don't beat yourself up over it - the only reason to beat yourself up is if you don't learn from it.

3. Respect honesty and transparency.  There is no room for people who can't give a clear and honest opinion.

4. I feel like I'm learning - and making mistakes - all the time!  But if I wasn't and suddenly felt so stagnant, that would be the thing that would make me not want to work.

5. When I was younger, I always wanted things to be easier - but I learned that there are always some things in flux and always chasing.  Then I realized that makes things far more interesting.

6. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  There is no question it's a cliche, but it's true.

7. Never assume that just because we did it one way means that we can do it again the same next time.

8. I realized early on that no matter what I am feeling and no matter what is happening to me, either personally or professionally, there is no place for that (in the workplace).  I am really good at compartmentalizing, probably to a fault!  When you force yourself to do it, you realize that it's not as bad as you think.

9. I don't want to stay looking the same.  Someone once said that they didn't recognize me because I wasn't wearing a red lip, so I thought, "Oh, I won't wear a red lip for a while."

10. Giving feedback in the creative world is delicate.  I spend a lot of time picking at my words carefully.

Porter Magazine

20 Weeks (Staying Motivated)

Adjusting to a longer commute was a challenge, now add a later sunrise, and a growing baby bump, staying motivated has taken work.  As I mentioned before, my first trimester was pretty much a breeze.  I was lucky enough to bypass the morning sickness and keep on keepin' on.  My morning runs were as frequent as pre-pregnancy, maybe slightly shorter, but as I round to corner to my second half of my first pregnancy, while simultaneously transitioning from summer toward winter, I have been looking for advice to keep my energy up and motivation moving forward.

I polled a few super-fit new mom friends on their tips for staying motivated, and I think their answers were pretty on par with what I've been striving for.  Here's what they said:

  • My one friend was not able to keep up her running regimen due to the position of the baby, so she found motivation in lots of butt exercises and seeing a transformation in her rear.  
  • She also said, finding time post baby is a much harder task than staying motivated while pregnant, so if you're able, get it in while you can
  • Another friend said that while working out may seem daunting, it actually helps prevent the aches and pains of pregnancy
  • And this fit mom found her dog to be a huge motivator, taking him for walks and runs kept her going
Here's what they did:
  • run, yoga, light weights, at-home exercises 

So far I've been running, lifting light weights, toning exercises at the park, and I started Tracy Anderson: The Pregnancy Project DVD series.

Below is what has been keeping me motivated for the last 20 weeks.

My methods for staying motivated.
1. One huge motivator for me, both pre-baby, and with a bun in the oven, is my dog, Maggie.  Our runs are her major source of exercise, and I know how much she loves them.  When I wake up 20 minutes before the first ray of sun shines, and Maggie jumps up behind me, it makes going back to bed 100 times harder.

2. My pre-baby body.  While I want to put #3 before #2, that's just not the truth.  Before I got knocked up I was in the best shape of my adult life, and pretty much my goal body.  Without risking any bit of health of my unborn child, and always while listening to my body and my doctor, I am trying to set myself up to get back to that goal post baby.

3. Health.  Yes, I have cravings, but I have lots of cravings sans baby as well.  I give into those cravings 9 times out of 10, but I try to keep the portions in check and I balance those indulgences with healthy meals and snacks the rest of the time.  Knowing drastic changes to my diet at this point may not be the smartest, my husband and I, have been trying to cut back on refined sugar, dairy and complex carbs.  Between his incredible willpower and our CSA farm share, I have been motivated to make a lot of smarter choices.

4. My morning coffee.  The after I found out I was pregnant, I made myself a cup and savored it, mourning my coffee drinking days for the next 9 months.  Then my doctor told me that having a cup or two is okay, and I rejoiced!!  I know I would have that cup of coffee, even if I didn't get my butt out of bed in the morning, but it feels better to use it as a reward post workout.

5. To keep up with my husband.  Truth be told, motivator #2 is way more for myself than for my husband.  While I don't maintain my body for him, he does keep me motivated in other ways.   I see him working out and employing healthy habits, I feel the need to be doing the same.  Unless I train for another marathon, I don't think I'll be on his fitness level, but seeing him drives me to keep par.

Anyone else have advice?  I'm all ears.  So far this has worked great, but it's easy to lose motivation as the temperatures drop.  If I do, at least I'll have the face above to remind me why I need to get out of bed.

PS, how pretty is the view on my morning run!?