12 Tees for Your Little Rockstar

What's more all American than a good summer concert?  And to look like you belong at a concert, you need the gear, that includes your little.  I've found and rounded up 12 classic rock and roll t-shirts to make your tiny groupie to rock all summer long.

Rockstar Toddler Tees


Picnic Essentials

One of our favorite family activities is having picnics after work.  I try to duck out of work 10 minutes early, I grab food and hop on the train.  My boys meet at the station, which is located at a beautiful part on the Hudson River.  We set up a blanket, and dig in.  The sun is setting, it's a lovely scene, and a perfect night out, that doesn't cost much and we don't have to debate over where to go.  Because we have made this in to an almost weekly ritual during the summer, we keep a picnic bag ready in the car.  All we need is to add food and instant picnic.  So you too can be ready, here is what I keep in my picnic bag.  And note, yes, I opt for a picnic bag instead of a basket, as it takes up far less room. 

Picnic Ready
How to be picnic ready

1. blanket - you need this, obviously.  We opt for a table cloth.

2. bag - picnic baskets are adorable and totally instagramable, but a bag takes up less room and squish down and fit in your car.

3. cooler bag - we usually just pick up food and meet at the park, but in case you need a place for a cool drink or a cold dish, I advise keeping a cooler bag on hand. 

4. plates, cups, cutlery  - keep a set of paper goods in the bag, I go for the biodegradable choices

5. cutting board and serrated knife - We often pick up bread and cheese, so the set is a necessity.

6. wine opener - because duh.


photo: A. Fatouros Photography