What we're packing for Oliver for Iceland

It's just about here!  We leave for our family trip to Iceland in just a few days!  I am could not be more excited to escape with my boys!  Iceland in early September is about 55 degrees, with a low of upper 40s.  Unfortunately Oliver, now 1 1/2 has only been wearing shorts and t-shirts for the last three months and has outgrown nearly all of his warmer clothes, so we had to basically buy his entire fall wardrobe in preparation for this trip.  Full disclosure, we were down to one pair of shoes that fit, Crocs.  So we bought a pair of sneakers and a pair of the cutest stinking hiking boots I've ever seen!  I packed a variety of layering pieces a medium-weight jacket, and of course he needs a swim suit for the blue lagoon!  I can't wait to share our photos and I'll be sure to update you on the packing lessons learned upon on return!  Don't forget to follow along on instagram!   

Iceland Packing List

Etsy Shops for Little Dudes

When I first found out we were having a boy,  I was a little bummed, mostly because there weren't going to be bows, sequins and glitter in my foreseeable future.  Of course I got over it quickly and learned to love shopping for a little dude.  There are so many many adorable options beyond onsies with trucks, balls, etc.  I love shopping for Oliver at the mainstream stores, Old Navy, Gap and H&M are probably my favorites, and if I'm going for something really cute and special, Zara.  But as I try to look beyond these mall staples, I am not find nearly as many options for little boys as I am for little girls.  After much searching Etsy, I have rounded up five of my favorite shops for cool little dudes.  Check them out and let me know if you have other favorites I should see.  

Etsy Shops for baby boys

1. Play Date Apparel is your shop for Baby muscle tees, skinny sweats, harem style rompers, funny onesies, floral kimonos (for the little girlies), slouchy knit beanies and cozy raglans.  Items are handmade and printed for boho babies, city kids & modern moms in sunny Los Angeles, California.

2. Two Lil' Bros cute tees for your Toddlers.  They specialize in fun, creative and cool designs that every parent and child will love.

3. Strawberry Moth is a great shop for illustrated and screen-printed Items including tees, raglans and pennant flags.

4. Wild and Free Company of-the-moment and throw back pop culture references that your kid won't get, but you'll think are hilarious. 

5. TuliBert has unisex baby rompers, boys harem pants, baby knee patch pants, kid tops, kids sweatshirts, kids jackets, shorts for boys, kids beanies, scarves and more!  In tons of cool prints!

Gift Guide // Baby Boy

My first gift guide is for the 10-month-old baby that has all the necessities and then some, and a mom who has an aversion to loud, bright, plastic toys.  Here are ten ideas for a more-stylish baby's first Christmas. 

Baby Boy Gift Guide

1.  Dear Santa, please bring Oliver, and every kid for that matter, the cutest, softest Oeuf deer hoodie around!

2.  Ever since my instagram exchange with Mr. Donald Robertson last year, I have been a BIG fan, and as a mommy working in the fashion industry, it only seems right that my kid should learn my world from a fictional giraffe.   

3. The fist of two penguins on the list, but this one is oh so cuddly!  Even better, your purchase of a Cuddle and Kind doll helps feed children through the Children's Hunger Fund. 

4. I'm smitten with the cutest little piggy bank to collect pennies.  

5. If it's not obvious by this list, I'll tell you that I'm into wood toys.  This stacking penguin has all the positives of it's plastic counter part, but is so much cuter!

6. The perfect alternative to a plastic dish with Elmo on it, a wooden bunny.  

7. In my opinion, musical toys are the best toys, and this "band in a box" has it all! 

8. Something for a little boy and his DIY-obsessed mommy to bond over, a purdy little tool bench!

9. It's going to get cold(er) and the little ones can keep his toes toasty in baby Uggs

10. As a Vespa owner, it only seems right that our little guy should scoot around in style too!  This mint green Janod number is amazing!